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Dr Richard Tomlins  Dr Dasaad Mulijono

Then you need to look at these attractive low priced Insurance products

SME Group Health (Rp)       dMAC International Health Affinity Group US$

   Maternity Benefits

surprised baby       12 months waiting period
     Normal Pregnancy and Childbirth

     Complications in Pregnancy during the Anti-natal period and Childbirth

     Birth defects and Congenital Abnormalities including birth trauma, provided that such becomes apparent in the first 6 months from birth

     Nil, 10%   &  20% Co-Payment options for Maternity
girl in pink

     Physiotherapy Treatment provided by a Physiotherapist, applied by order of a Physician

     Physiotherapy, Alternative Medicine
Medical Treatment provided by a qualified chiropractor, homeopath, osteopath, acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine Physician, including homeopathic or Chinese herbal prescribed medicines

     Chronic Medical Conditions

     Terminal Illness Palliative Treatment and Hospice care on diagnosis of a Terminal condition

     Psychiatric treatment jig saw face available after 12 months continuous cover

     HIV / AIDS available after 60 months cover

     Lifetime Cover
   Julianne & Nana
     Maximum joining age is 70 years